Monday, July 26, 2010

What to do with this space I need some decorating help here! When I originally moved in my apartment I had my TV in front of the windows...but now it is moved and I need some help deciding what do with this space. It doesn't look like there is much space, but there is enough that is feels empty.

I definitely need more seating as I only have a sofa. I can't decide whether I should get something like a chaise lounge, or maybe two chair with a table in between. Or just rearrange all together? Who has ideas??


  1. I would do chairs, not a chaise. The reason why is this... if you end up moving, the chaise may not fit in the new living room. I wish you could paint the walls, they are so would warm it up some. What about curtains to add color? The light coming into your living room is GREAT!!!

  2. I wish I could paint the walls too....they are terribly white! I haven't done curtains yet for the same reason you wouldn't do a chaise...I'm afraid that wherever I end up next that they will be wasted because the windows will be different sizes...but I think even something like a Roman shade would be nice...make it feel more homey!

    I definitely have a lot of great light (which is not so great for the flowers on the balcony)...and a couple of southern living at home things even made it all the way to Ohio!